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Everything to Know About Wrongful Termination

If you have just joined a new company, then congratulations to you. However, we hope that you have read the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing the contract. You will want to know what you are signing up for so you can avoid getting terminated.

However, you might have heard about the term wrongful termination, which can occur to anyone. And in some cases, potential employees don’t know about their rights. However, by learning about wrongful termination, you can move forward and do the right things. 

Here is everything you should know about wrongful termination. 


Breach of Contract

If you find yourself suddenly being terminated, then it might be in your best interest to get in touch with the wrongful termination attorney miami fl, where the professional attorney can help you go through the contract together and assess it for the potential chance of breach of contract. 

Usually, the term breach of contract occurs when an employer violates a written contract or acts in a way that goes against the contract. A common example of a breach of contract is when the employer terminates an employee after a mere verbal warning. 

Another example would be if the contract clearly states that the employee can choose between working remotely and working inside the office premises. In this case, the employer can find themselves in legal trouble if they fire the employee just because the latter chose to work from home. 

So, you get the point – if you detect a breach of contract, it means that you have been terminated wrongfully, which is also where you can take the matters to court and get legal help and due compensation. 


Workplace Harassment 

Another common type of wrongful termination is linked with harassment. This example typically refers to a situation where potential employees might find themselves in a hostile work environment where they might have to deal with negative comments about their religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation. 

Also, workplace harassment includes sexual advances that aren’t mutually agreed to. The term workplace environment also refers to actions or comments that contribute to creating an unhealthy work environment. 

If, by any chance, you find yourself in a situation where you face workplace harassment and get wrongfully terminated along the way, then you might want to get in touch with a criminal defense rexburg id, to allow a professional deal with the matter and get you the due compensation that you truly deserve.


Constructive Termination

Another thing to look out for regarding a wrongful determination is when it comes to constructive dismissal. This aspect includes situations where your employer might have created an environment to make you quit the job.

Constructive dismissal can also include changing the terms of employment without the employee’s notice, such as a decrease in one’s salary or a demotion. Other examples include changing the workplace without a notice period.

If the employer or manager demotes the employee, it falls into the category of constructive dismissal, which then falls into the category of wrongful termination. 


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